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Team Fight Science



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Class Description & Philosophy

Fight Science is a philosophy -- a way of teaching Mixed Martial Arts.

A Fight Science class combines all ranges of fighting and self defense: stand-up, clinch, takedowns and ground fighting. Fight Science uses a hybrid of several styles including, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Greco Roman Wrestling, Boxing and Submission Wrestling/Shooto. This class includes drills, techniques, conditioning, sparring and circuits.

Fight Science has 2 major philosophies.

The first being to use the Jeet Kune Do idea of keeping what is usefull and and throwing out what is not, specifically to find one's own style that works best for him/her. This does not mean to not learn or train something that one perceives to not be useful. Our philosophy is to know the basics and the foundation of each range inside and out, but as one develops his own style he can fine tune those areas that suit him (style, body type, mentality, etc.) best and master the techniques that help them achieve that.

The second is that MMA is not just learning ground fighting and stand-up fighting... nor is it just training in the MMA range.  We train each range seperately and together. This means, we work our boxing, our kickboxing, our submission grappling, our wrestling and our MMA. It is very important to learn the finer points of each system and learn to put them together , i.e. train the system of MMA. This means that each class is different. Some days we will only work our stand-up; other days we will only work our ground. We might focus on our wrestling, our boxing, our conditioning, technique, drills, or perhaps we will spar MMA or work game plan/scenario drills designed to exploit your opponent's weakneses.

Fight Science treats fighting just as such, a science. It is equal parts hard physical training, skilled application and intelligent planning.

Class Schedule

Mon - Thu 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Tue / Thu / Sat  11:30 am - 1:00 pm



Phone: (310) 927-4045

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Chad "The Savage" George on Inside MMA  
Ian Harris

Founder & Head Instructor

Julian Rush, Chad George, Ian Harris

Ian has more than 20 years of mixed martial arts and boxing experience. He began teaching a hybrid style of martial arts in 1993, for realistic, street style self defense.

Through the years of training and refining, and with the growth of MMA, Ian eventually developed what is today known as Fight Science. He started using the Fight Science name and began training Mixed Martial Arts Fighters in January 2003. Ian is 36 years old and is steadily building a solid stable of MMA Fighters, and continually training with and learning from some of the best MMA fighters in the world.

MMA History
-- 1977-1981, (age 6) youth, amateur boxing

-- 1985-1992, (age 14) Began training with master Steve Williams in his progressive martial arts system, KenJuKai, a mix of Kenpo, JuJitsu, Kai Shou & Wing Chun (Earned Black Belt)

-- 1992-1995, Trained JKD, Muay Thai & Shooto Wrestling under Bruce Lee student and US Muay Thai Team Coach, Richard Bustillo @ IMB Academy

-- 1996-2000, Trained under Claudio Franca in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu

-- 2000-2006, Traveled and trained with various camps, fighters and trainers, including: Greg Jackson, Eric Paulson, Andy Wang, Karo Parysian, Gene LeBell, Mac Danzig, Mark "The Hyena" Beecher, Sean Choi and many others.

-- 2003-present, Opened and runs Team Fight Science MMA where Ian currently trains professional fighters for Mixed Martial Arts events such as the UFC, BodogFight, King of the Cage, WEC, TFA,Total Combat and others.


Chad "The Savage" George
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Julian Rush
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