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The Fight Science method began in 2003. Ian Harris began teaching his hybrid, martial arts compiled from years of training Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Jeet Kune Do, Kenpo, Wing Chun and many other martial arts as a realistic self-defense class out of a karate school in Culver City, CA. UFC and what we know of today as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was still in very early stages, with very few rules and no actual name for the sport (MMA had not been popularized). Ian, being a “science nerd” always took a very scientific, technical approach to fighting and felt what he was teaching was less an art and more a science, so he began calling his style “Fight Science.”  Several students expressed an interest to fight, but MMA was not yet legal in California. Several of the students and Ian would travel to Tijuana on weekends to fight. Shortly thereafter the term MMA was popularized and it became legal and sanctioned in California. Two of those original students Chad George and Julian Rush eventually became 2 of the first champions under California-sanctioned MMA.  Julian and Ian have maintained a strong relationship and continued to refine and coach for nearly 15 years and over the years have had fighters in every major and local organization there is, producing several champions both pro and amateur, for shows like RFA, CXF, Tachi Palace, BAMMA, U of MMA, Spar Star, TFA and many more. In Aug 2017, they along with another one of the early students and fighters, Leo Hirai, opened the first ever Fight Science gym in Mid City, L.A.



Ian Harris
Ian Harris

Ian has nearly 40 years of mixed martial arts and boxing experience. Ian started boxing at the age of 6. He wrestled in his teen years before starting traditional martial arts of Kenpo, Wing Chun and Japanese Ju-Jitsu, taught in a hybrid form called KenJuKai. Ian trained for 8 years eventually receiving his Black Belt. He then trained for 4 years at the World-famous IMB Academy under Bruce Lee student Richard Bustillo, learning JKD, Muay Thai, Filipino Martial arts, Boxing and Shooto. In 1995 Ian began train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Claudio Franca. He is currently a 4 stripe Brown Belt under UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz. Ian is always has been fortunate enough to travel the world and train with the best fighters and coaches on the planet. Through the years of training and refining, along with the growth of sport of what was then called “No Holds Barred”, Ian eventually developed what he called as Fight Science, seeing what he was doing as more of the Science of Fighting rather than a Martial Art. Not long after the term Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)was popularized and in 2003 Ian began teaching classes and training fighters, out of a friend’s Karate school, under the Fight Science MMA banner. Soon the Fight Science roster had several world champions and top contenders in shows from L.A. to Japan. In 2008 Ian was brought in to the upstart Los Angeles MMA gym, PKG Training Center, to head up the MMA program and pro fight team. In 2012, Ian took over as head coach and minority partner at Systems Training Center, where he continued to grow the team. For over 14 years Ian and the Fight Science team have had fighters on shows almost weekly, from the amateur level all the way to the big shows, UFC and Bellator. The team boasts one of the highest win percentages of any team in the world, with dozens of championship belts and titles. Ian is also an often sought out consultant for television and film as an MMA expert. He continues to train and develop his system, his own skills and learn everything he can about the constantly evolving sport of Mixed Martial Arts. In 2017 Ian and former students and fighters opened the first ever, Fight Science MMA Training Center in Mid-City Los Angeles!

Julian Rush
Julian Rush

Julian has been training if Martial Arts for over 25 years. He has trained in Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, Haganah and TFT. Julian competed in BJJ tournaments from 1997 – 2005 and MMA from 2004 – 2007 under Coach Ian Harris and won the Total Fighting Alliance Heavyweight Championship in 2006 and defended it until he retired in late 2007. During his time at UCLA he was introduced to a number of traditional martial arts and freestyle wrestling and was also very lucky to have spent time in gyms where a number of different styles were being trained. During those years Julian had the privilege of meeting a number of amazing martial artists and through those friendships, he was able to spend a little time studying their arts. Julian says that everything he has been exposed to, from Savate to Shaui Jiao, Freestyle Wrestling to Panantukan, and even Kali has really opened his eyes and shaped his current ideology as a fighter and trainer. “There are underlying principles which permeate all martial arts and it’s the understanding of those principles and the techniques we use to apply them which I look forward to sharing with my students during their training as I continue my own.”

Leo Hirai
Leo Hirai

Leo began martial arts through Aikido at age 12.  After several years of training, he discovered that Aikido was seriously limited in its applicability to combat sports, and sought to learn a more practical art.  Consequently, Leo started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1999 during grad school at UCLA through a BJJ club founded by Rickson Gracie. At the same time, Leo became interested in MMA, which at the time was a brand new sport, and began organizing and competing in amateur fights at the John Wooden Center while studying Sambo-style leg locks, which ultimately became his specialization. Leo met Ian Harris in 2004 and joined Ian’s pro MMA team, which included a coincidental reunion with Julian Rush, whom Leo knew from the BJJ club in UCLA. In 2007, Leo fought for Shooto, the longest-running MMA pioneer in Japan, in their inaugural Shooto USA event. Though he no longer competes, Leo continues his life-long study of MMA with a love for grappling arts and a serious knack for leg lock submissions.

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